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Kloud Connect Joins Forces with PT 2.0,Leading the Future of Data-DrivenAccounting Solutions

Kloud Connect, a pioneer in cloud-based practice management solutions for accountants, is delighted to announce a strategic merger with PT 2.0, a premier data analytics and Power BI consultancy. This union marks a significant leap forward in our mission to build the most comprehensive accounting practice management platform.

Why the Merger: Empowering Accountants with Data-Enabled Solutions

This collaboration enhances Kloud Connect's capabilities with PT 2.0's renowned expertise in reporting and analytics. With this merger, Dan Beck, Director of PT 2.0, will now lead Kloud Connect as CEO. Dan has over 20 years of experience in technology and leadership roles within the accounting sector. His expertise in integrating data, systems, and software is pivotal in realizing Kloud Connect's vision of a holistic practice management solution.

PT 2.0 with a portfolio of over 100 accounting firms and their clients across Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK, will continue to provide services to its client base.

The Future of Accounting Practice Management: Data Meets Innovation

This collaboration will bring together Kloud Connect's robust practice management tools with PT 2.0's advanced data analytics and Power BI capabilities. Kloud Connect, uniquely built by accountants for accountants, understands the intricate challenges and opportunities within the accounting profession. PT 2.0's data analytics prowess enhances our core ethos of delivering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitively aligned with the accountant's workflow.

Kloud Connect’s platform, enriched by PT 2.0’s analytics and reporting expertise, will not only enhance operational efficiencies but also provide deeper insights and a more holistic view of the business landscape for accountants and their clients.

Key Advantages of This Collaboration:

Integrated Data Analytics: Bridging cloud practice management with advanced data analytics for seamless, insightful decision-making.

Enhanced Reporting and Visualization: Leveraging PT 2.0's Power BI expertise to deliver dynamic, accessible data-driven insights.

Tailored Solutions: A unified approach to address the specific needs of accountants, streamlining practice management and enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Accelerated Innovation: A joint commitment to continual technological advancement, ensuring cutting edge solutions for our clients.

On the topic of this merger, Krish Sritharan, Director of Kloud Connect says "Joining forces with PT 2.0 was the natural progression for us, on our journey of providing accountants with the best practice management solution. We are bringing together some of the best minds in the industry, with the most relevant experience and expertise. This strategic move enhances our ability to harness data and technology and enables practice management in the most efficient and effective way possible. I would like to formally welcome Dan Beck and his team to Kloud Connect and look forward to the journey ahead."

Dan Beck, Director of PT 2.0 and incoming CEO of Kloud Connect added "For a long time now, the accounting industry has been struggling with having to manage data spread across disconnected systems.

Existing software isn’t natively geared to optimise a firm’s operations and firms often don’t have the technology know-how to build a solution that focuses on the long-term issues. We are excited to integrate with Kloud Connect, setting new standards in the industry. This merger is a step forward in delivering a seamless, data-empowered experience for accounting professionals."

About Kloud Connect:

Kloud Connect is a modern, cloud-based practice management solution solely dedicated to solving practice management for the firm of the future. It is designed for accounting firms looking to streamline their operations, improve client relationships, and enhance overall productivity. Kloud Connect has dedicated capabilities for client management, job tracking, workflow optimisation, time and cost tracking, billing, document management, communication, reporting and analytics. By unifying these various tasks and processes into one platform, Kloud Connect aims to simplify accounting practice management.

For more information please contact us on the details below.


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