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A Blueprint for Client Management in Accounting with CRM

In the world of accounting, client management is not talked about enough! All of the existing practice management software out there have not really caught up to the best practices that have been around for years in other domains. This is one of key areas where Kloud Connect is changing the game, offering a modern, connected Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionality.

Redefining Client Management within Practices with CRM

Client data is often scattered across multiple platforms, documents, and systems. Most accounting firms don’t have real-time insights into client data, financial metrics, and workflow statuses. Managing tasks and workflows manually inevitably leads to inefficiencies, missed deadlines, and confusion. Staff transitions, whether due to turnover or role changes, can disrupt client management, so building and nurturing client relationships can be challenging.

Kloud Connect’s CRM consolidates essential client data, offering a centralised hub for relationship building and task management. Unlike competitors, Kloud Connect ensures a holistic CRM functionality, a critical component often fragmented in other platforms.

Client Dashboard for Comprehensive Insights 

The CRM’s Client Dashboard provides quick access to key insights like client value, Work in Progress (WIP), job statuses, and client groups for informed decision-making.

Bulk Update for Efficient Staff Transition

Kloud Connect streamlines staff transitions by enabling bulk updates, ensuring a smooth handover of client assignments when team members move on.

Customisable Reporting

Customisable reporting is a standout feature of Kloud Connect. Configure your personal view with custom fields and columns, eliminating the need for data exports. Each user gets the right insights at the right time, enhancing decision-making.

Debtor Control 

Structure client groups and allocate debtors effectively, ensuring accurate invoicing. Track WIP at the job or group level for meticulous financial control.

Visualising Client Relationships with Org Structure Charts

Visualise client relationships effortlessly with Kloud Connect's Org Structure Chart. Build a comprehensive map of client connections for each entity, enhancing transparency in your client management strategy.

Manage Clients, Workflow, Time, Billing, Reporting & Docs

While competitors struggle with disjointed workflows, Kloud Connect seamlessly connects CRM, workflow management, and practice systems. This means that every facet of client communication and financial data converges into a single, cohesive system. The platform allows the creation of client groups, fostering transparency in billing and invoicing. Custom fields for client data, coupled with built-in user access and privileges, provide a lot of flexibility.


As the accounting landscape evolves, client management is getting more and more critical. With streamlined workflows, real-time insights, and unmatched flexibility, the CRM functionality within Kloud Connect is a blueprint for a new era of efficiency and success in accounting practices.



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