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We're here to solve Practice Management for good. 

Our mission is to build a future where firms spend so little time managing your practices that it is virtually invisible in your day to day work, where information is delivered to you when you need it, for the right purpose and with the right level of detail. Where timesheets are automatic, accountants are focused on client relationships, not filling out forms, where advice and compliance is delivered seamlessly, everyone is informed at every stage of the relationship, cashflow is regular and consistent, your team are engaged not only with the people they work with, but the type of work they do.


Your team are informed by right information going to the right people at the right time. You are able to predict the future needs of your clients and be proactive in the delivery of advice. Where information is secure and immutable, consistent and reliable.


Sounds like fantasy, and it currently is. No current platform is capable. But this is where we dream, this is where we want to push convention, this is where we want you to join us on this journey, not because we are there now, but this is where we are going. Where you can join us to shape the future.

Our Team 

Board Members

David Smith


Founder Smithink, 40 years experience in practice, accounting technology and consulting on improving accounting practices


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Founder of PT 2.0 - Australia's leading Power BI consultancy for Professional Services and Director of Power Tynan


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Krish Sritharan


CEO and Founder Solutions Centric, major outsourcing provider solving problems for mid and top tier accounting firms


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Richard Barber


Founded Class Super, instrumental in revolutionising the SMSF industry and introducing cloud technology


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Leadership Team 

Clint Estavilla 

Ragav Sitaraman

Kevin Cooper


10 Years experience specifically working with accounting firms leveraging Saas and data solutions to improve firm outcomes

Head of Growth

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16 Years specific experience managing the technical aspects of accounting software

Head of Product

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25 Years technical and customer focused experience in accounting practice and software

Head of Customer 

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Our Values


We understand the dynamism required to truly be a technology partner in an evolving industry. Continuous Development means not only continuously developing functionality and leveraging new technology but also improving how best we serve the industry more broadly.  


We are accountants in Australia just like you. Kloud connect has been developed to solve local industry issues on the back of industry feedback and this will continue. 


We certainly will not be done once we solve all of today's problems. Technology is changing our industry fundamentally and faster than ever before. We will seek out, assess and introduce new technology on the basis utility, not just to help our marketing team win at buzz word bingo  


We build and maintain long-term professional bonds with our partners and industry colleagues by proactively listening and working towards improving the technology and capability in the industry

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