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The Great Barrier Leap: The Evolution of Product Support

The accounting industry is poised for change and is demanding more from technology. Yet a familiar foe looms large: the trepidation surrounding change, particularly when it comes to support and migration. At Kloud Connect, we understand these challenges intimately.  

From Floppy Disks that Fell Flat to Instant Live Chats  

In the era of dial-up internet, the options for support were quite limited: phone, email, or consulting a paper manual. Data fixes required sending files to teams, often made cumbersome by laughably small attachment size limits. Getting help was often time-consuming and these constraints shaped a generation's expectations around the support process.  

The journey from distributing software updates on a dozen floppy disks to seamless cloud deployment mirrors the larger technological revolution that has reshaped our world. Today, the support experience for a graduate accountant is vastly different from that of their counterparts in the late '90s. They now have access to support portals, live chat, community forums, video calls, and remote access technology.  

The mindset has also shifted drastically; the expectations from software providers have escalated, with a premium placed on quick resolution times, high-quality service, and a range of options for accessing support. At Kloud Connect, we know that effective support is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction and a vital component of any software solution. 

Never Fear Change 

For partners and directors of accounting firms contemplating the leap towards a more data-driven, efficient practice management system, the fear of change, particularly around support and migration, is understandable. But the promise of advanced support mechanisms offers a compelling narrative. The evolution of product support illustrates a clear trajectory towards more seamless, accessible, and efficient problem-solving. AI offers exciting possibilities; chatbots, video creation tools, and intelligent article suggestions are only the beginning. 

At Kloud Connect, we're not just observers of this evolution; we're active participants. We believe in harnessing the power of data to transform the operations of accounting firms, making practice management a seamless, almost invisible aspect of daily work. Our customizable support mechanisms and a user-centric approach ensures that our partners can embark on this journey with confidence. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to being at your side, turning the potential anxieties of change into possibilities of optimization. Join us on this journey, and let's build the firms of the future together. 


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