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Practice Management Solved
For far too long this industry has been starved of a purpose-built enterprise level system. Over the last 3 years we've built a state-of-the-art Cloud based Practice Management system from the ground up. 

Technology is rapidly evolving; we’re not just building the best PM for today but future proofing it to ensure our industry can always leverage the latest technology as it becomes available. 


Client Management  

We’re solving Client Management with a full suite CRM system and single client record for your entire practice.  

  • Single Client Record – Kloud Connect is your single source of truth. Automatically update client data across multiple applications.  

  • Full CRM functionality to manage client related communications and tasks + Out look Integration  

  • Client Dashboards – Full summary of client position on 1 intuitive screen  


Workflow and Capacity 


Say goodbye to managing your Workflow in a separate application or excel. Our inbuilt workflow module offer advanced dashboards with data flowing directly in to our client, capacity and billing modules  

  • Build custom dashboards and job, task and status flows to suite your firm’s work  

  • Kanban Dashboards 


Time & Billing

No one likes doing timesheets but the data is crucial for both a Cost and Billing. We're makng this as easy as possible with automations and integrations. 

  • Timesheet Automations 

  • Outlook Calander Integration to timesheets  

  • Multi entity billing  

  • Sophisticated WIP and invoice management 



Make the most informed decisions for your firm.  

  • Power BI Dashboards INCLUDED– We build out a replica data base that auto updates to near live so you can integrate key data in your practice. 

  • Don’t pay $20,000 + for another app or custom consulting.  


Ultimately, we see the ideal PM system as just about invisible. With all your Client, Workflow and Staff data captured as automatically as possible then presented back to you as insights.  We’re not quite there yet but are well and truly on our way.

Kloud Connect helps you manage your practice and partners with your favourite apps that help you actually DO your work. 

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